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Sep 30, 2012 2:30am EDT
as to why -- energy prices and so on. there's no way of glossing around that. but when these huge deficits went in place in 1981, what's called the real interest rates -- the spread between inflation and what a loan costs you doubled -- and that's still the case today. and the result is interest costs that have never been seen before in terms of real charges, and it's attributable to the deficit. everybody -- every economist, every businessman -- believes that. your own council of economic advisers -- mr. feldstein in his report told you that. every chairman of the finance and ways and means committee, republican leaders in the senate and the house are telling you that. that deficit is ruining the long-term hopes for this economy. it's causing high interest rates. it's ruining us in trade. it's given us the highest small business failure in 50 years. the economy is starting downhill with housing failure --- >> thank you, mr. mondale. you're both very obedient. i have to give you credit for that. we now start our final round of questions. we do want to have time for your rebuttal. we start
Sep 29, 2012 8:30pm EDT
this energy out the window on racial strife and hatred, we are stuck with a sure loser because we have been a melting pot. we're becoming more and more of a melting pot. let's make it a strength, not a weakness. [applause] >> governor clinton, one minute. >> i grew up in the segregated south, thankfully raised by a grandfather with almost no formal education but with a heart of gold who taught me early that all people were equal in the eyes of god. i saw the winds of hatred divide people and keep the people of my state poorer than they would have been, spiritually and economically. and i've done everything i could in my public life to overcome racial divisions. we don't have a person to waste in this country. we are being murdered economically because we have too many drop-outs, we have too many low birthweight babies, we have too many drug addicts as kids, we have too much violence, we are too divided by race, by income, by region. and i have devoted a major portion of this campaign to going across this country and looking for opportunities to go to white groups and african american groups
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2